Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Acer's new models

New notebook Acer Ferrari 1005 WTMi is very compact and is perfect especially for those who appreciate small enough and powerful laptops. The novelty is equipped with a radio, Bluetooth and DVD-RW optical drive.

Acer Ferrari 1005 WTMi

Processor: AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60-2GHz (x2), and 1.6GHz FSB, 2h512KB L2 Cache
Memory: 2048 MB DDRII-667MHz SDRAM
Hard drive: 160 GB
Optical Drive: DVD-RW SM Drive (reads DVD and CD discs, and CD, DVD + and DVD disks)
Display: 12.1 ” WXGA wide TFT
Video Card: 512MB
Wireless: built and supplied by the protocol 802.11

Acer has announced the beginning of producing of three new models equipped with optical drive of new generation HD DVD.

Laptops Aspire 5685WLHi, Aspire 9524WSHi and Aspire 9815WKHi has great displays (15 “, 17″ and 20 “) and are supplied with preinstalled Miscrosoft Windows Vista Home Premium.

Aspire 5685WLHi, Aspire 9524WSHi and Aspire 9815WKHi

The compact multimedia centre Aspire 5685WLHi will be interesting for people who appreciate the combination of small size and weight and with perfect figures in productivity and in the most advanced developments in the multimedia area, such as the Intel Core 2 Duo, productive graphical system on the basis of NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600-SE with 256 MB RAM, matrix 15.4 “WXGA supporting the technology Acer CrystalBrite etc.

Aspire 9525WSHi is a multifunctional game-station for the people who estimate a productivity and a comfort during work. It possesses 17″ display WXGA + it supports the technology Acer CrystalBrite with good technical characteristics (displays the 72% range, high contrast 500:1), the Intel Core 2 Duo and the powerful graphical decision NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS with a 512 MB memory which can easily challenge modern PC.

Aspire 9815WKHi has 20-inch display, which can be rather competitive to desktop LCD monitors. It is designed as a center of entertainment, the laptop is able to totally replace a range of multimedia devices: home theater, game machine, HiFi music system, TV, PC etc.

One of the main advantages of optical drives of the new generation is the promotion and dissemination of HDV - video of high quality (High Definition Video, or HDV). Movies in the HD format has better (x4) resolution than standard television.

The laptops Aspire 5685WLHi, Aspire 9524WSHi and Aspire 9815WKHi with drive HD DVD and preinstalled Miscrosoft Windows Vista Home Premium will be available in April 2007.
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